Again we look at how an introvert can give us a dead-on portrait of the dynamics of an upper-class social circle – this time in reference to Marcel Proust and his 1.2-million-word masterpiece.
Discussion: An Introvert as Social Observer (II)
Beatrix Potter an admirable entrepreneur? Indeed. This quiet artist and author originated inventive publishing practices that made her rich and that…
Discussion: An Introvert as Entrepreneur
Can we reliably spot some introverts and extroverts quickly from their posture, the way they move and their nonverbal vibe? Some speculative musings.
Discussion: Introvert Body Language: Is That a Thing?
Jane Eyre, the heroine of the 1847 novel by that name, has long been a feminist icon. For our November 2022 Introvert Book Club installment, we look at…
Many introverts recoil from noise. Some thoughts about how to accommodate that tendency.
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