British naturalist and theorist Charles Darwin overturned centuries of traditional theistic thinking about nature – a revolutionary achievement by someone who disliked making waves.
People who choose to live among few or no other people are challenging for mainstream culture to understand.
Dao de Jing, the classic Chinese text also known as Tao te Ching, can be seen as expressing an introverted view of nature and life. The Introvert Book…
Some exploratory thoughts on whether our personality – especially introverted versus extroverted – has an impact on what we believe.
Introvert Florence Nightingale not only founded the modern profession of nursing, she also pioneered statistical techniques and essential measures of…
Observations about introverts in Jane Austen's posthumous novel, Persuasion (remade into a film last year by director Carrie Cracknell).
What would a community consisting only of introverts look like? And is that desirable?
In Pride and Prejudice, our Introvert Book Club selection for February 2023, Jane Austen shows us both the appearance and the deeper reality of one…
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