In the last couple of years, I've become much more active on LinkedIn through comments, posts, and occasional articles. After years of silence on the platform, it felt rather strange, and I still have that discomfort of wondering if something I've posted sounds silly or pretentious, too self-evident, or is lacking in some other way. However, a major goal of mine is to write regularly, and building content and a voice on LinkedIn is part of that. Each post also feels like I've taken action (because I have), and as an introvert, that's important to me. We don't just think, we act!

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The last five years (which coincide with the first five years of retirement), I’ve done several out-of-zone things; started and ran a meetup group that had 200+ members, done a couple of 90-day cold shower regimens (but not in winter), as well as several other physical challenges. Since I can’t play golf or tennis, don’t want to play pickleball or fish, and can’t see hanging out at McDonald’s in the morning (I doubt folks like them would welcome me anyway), trying pretty much anything new takes me out of my zone.

Next up-- poetry, preferably metrical, ideally with a rhyming scheme. It’s the best way I know of to invest a lot of energy in a verbal exercise with no expectation of financial remuneration.

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Hi Richard,

So were these things initially scary for you? And did they continue being scary or uncomfortable as you continued in them? And what for you has been the lesson of venturing out in such new ways?

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