I've been studying "contemplative prayer" recently, and have been reading about some of the historical "contemplatives" or those who sequestered themselves from society to better understand God. Julian of Norwich is an example. I think some of the more extreme religious orders such as those who take vows of silence are full of introverts!

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Marcia, did you see the movie (or read the book, or both) "Nomadland?" I read (and watched) it and a part of me wished I could be one of them...free of the ties that bind, meeting others when and only when I want to. Aside from a wife who does NOT share that desire (i.e., proximity to grandchildren), I would be concerned for what's left of my mental health.

Then there are many nomads living around us but mostly out of sight, beneath bridges, camped out in woods, sometimes moving to homeless shelters when there's room (or they just need three hots and a cot for a time). Sometimes they form temporary communities but the privation they share also makes them wary of others who might steal from them, or worse. (I speak as someone who volunteered to work with the homeless for several years). When in the company of normies who have houses and jobs and many friends, some would ask me why they didn't just pull themselves up by their proverbial bootstraps and make something of their lives? I would answer by inviting them to come to one of my life skills classes and sit at their tables, talk to them, ask them about their lives. No one ever took me up on the invite. I think they were afraid that whatever went wrong in my students' lives might be contagious.

Probably got off topic a little here. Sorry not sorry.

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