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It’s written and hosted by Marcia Yudkin, who has published personal essays in the New York Times, the New York Times Magazine, Ms. and NPR and has a following for her iconoclastic perspectives on no-hype marketing. She is working on a book on what we can learn from fictional and famous introverts as well as a philosophical autobiography (very much an introvert narrative) called Nothing to Prove: Recovering from Wittgenstein.

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The first Introvert Book Club selection was Alone, which vividly recounts Admiral Richard Byrd’s ordeal of five months of life-threatening isolation near the South Pole in 1934. The book raises profound issues about solitude and one’s moral responsibility for others. Read the writeup on Alone, provided as a free sample of what to expect from the Introvert Book Club.

Other works chosen for the monthly focus include Robinson Crusoe, Jane Eyre, The Great Gatsby, To the Lighthouse, Walden and Emily Dickinson’s Collected Poems.

Paid subscribers also receive access to recordings of occasional interviews with experts on introverted-related topics, such as a professor who specializes in studying detective and mystery novels. (Why are so many private-eye and thriller heroes from Sherlock Holmes to Jack Reacher introverts?)

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